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There is a strange misperception amongst riders and within the industry that great handling & suspension upgrades are only required for professional racers or mega talented riders. If anything, the opposite is true.  There is also a misconception that motorcycles roll off the showroom floor with amazing handling standard, again that is simply not true.

Far too often we hear riders say, "I am only a beginner" or "I am not that good, so the standard suspension is way better and more capable than I am."

Talented and experienced riders have more skill and tools to overcome or lesson the symptoms for a sub syand  For road riders, the handling of your motorcycle is one of the biggest factors to your safety and riding enjoyment.  If you’re a track rider or racer, the handling of your motorcycle will be the single biggest factor to helping you improve your lap time and minimising crashing.


The handling of nearly every production motorcycle on the planet can be improved, elevating your confidence, riding skill and safety beyond what you think is possible.

The team at Race Center are experts in motorcycle handling but more importantly factor in your specific requirements into every job. Our industry is all too often focused only on the weight of the rider when designing your suspension specifications. However other factors such as intended use, rider experience, riding style and the desired level of safety play a massive role in the design of your suspension specifications.


Our approach to motorcyle Suspension

In sports such as snowboarding and surfing, boards are designed for beginners, intermediate riders and experts. Agile boards designed for tricks and competition will be very hard for a beginner to learn on. It’s no different when it comes to motorcycle suspension, yet our industry doesn’t focus on this aspect. We have ended up with a perception that the best suspension for every rider is that developed by professional racers with only a weight factor taken into consideration to suit each rider. Logic tells us otherwise.


A less experienced rider will be able to ride a more stable motorcycle with much more confidence than an agile, nervous bike that has been designed for the most experience rider.

 The experience and technology to provide suspension tailored specifically to you, your bike and skill level

Our 15+ years of in-house R&D have taught us so much about the importance of understating each rider’s own personal experience and desired outcome. We have also used our vast experience to develop a 3 stage suspension upgrade solution to help you navigate what will best suit your needs and budget.



  • Custom Valving and spring setups (FD and DB)

  • Geometry changes and setup

  • Aftermarket cartridge/ shock Installation and setup

  • Track, race or road - Tailored to your requirements

  • Sourcing and supply of aftermarket components

  • Suspension Servicing and overhaul

  • Motorcycle Lowering

  • Steering damper servicing

  • Suspension evaluation and advice

  • Shock dyno and state of the art suspension workshop 


Stage 1 - Evaluation and Setup

Evaluation and setup of your existing suspension including OEM suspension or aftermarket suspension. We can normally achieve very noticeable improvements in handling, confidence and safety with this package. 

From $175


Stage 2 - Dynamic Balance - Gen 3 (DB-03) Upgrade

The stage 2 DB-02 upgrade drastically improves the handling and balance of most model bikes. This upgrade also includes lowering to suit the rider where required. DB-02 is designed for any rider from novice road rider looking for improved confidence and safety, to the track day punter or club level racer looking for improved lap time. Not suited to national level or professional racer

From $1,100 depending on bike, average cost $1850


Stage 3 - After market suspension OR FD-02 Flow Dynamics Gen 2

Stage 3 is designed for national level racer and those looking for the ultimate in performance and handling. The major advantage over stage 2 is improved dampening properties and a high level of adjustibilty including easier spring changes. We use all major brands including Ohlins, K-Tech and our own in-house FD-02 products. The major advantage of Stage 3 over stage 2 is the level of adjustability and ease to change spring rates at the track.

From $2,750 to $5,500


Front Fork Servicing - Level 1 Minor

Replace fork seals, new oil, general inspection, restore internal settings

From $249

Front Fork Servicing - Level 1 Minor (SKF PREMIUM SEALS)

Replace fork seals, new oil, general inspection, restore internal settings

From $339

Front Fork Servicing - Level 2 Major

Replace fork seals, new oil, Full Fork Inspection, Cartridge Inspection, Piston and Valve Inspection, Spring Inspection, Guide and Spacer Inspection. Replacement of consumable parts as required.

From $490

Front Fork Servicing - Level 3 Major - Sealed or Gas Pressured Cartridges

Fork Gas or Sealed Cartridges Replace fork seals, new oil, Full Fork Inspection, Cartridge Inspection, Piston and Valve Inspection, Spring Inspection, Guide and Spacer Inspection. Replacement of consumable parts as required.

From $640

Rear Shock Servicing - Level 1 Minor

Shock service, bleed and suspension dyno evaluation.

From $279

Rear Shock Servicing - Level 2 Major

Major Shock service, Full inspection of all internal components and suspension dyno evaluation.

From $490

*Prices do not include removal and install of suspension components.

*Servicing prices are based on all components being in undamaged functional working order.


Much like your bikes engine, the suspension of your motorcycle requires servicing to ensure it's performance, reliability and above all your safety.


As with general servicing, there are different levels of suspension servicing. It is common in the industry that workshops only address 'minor' suspension servicing. So when comparing prices make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

Race Center is a specialist suspension performance workshop, as such we provide both minor and major servicing of suspension.

So what's the difference?


Minor servicing is basically new oil, main seals, a re-gas where applicable and general inspection.

Major servicing includes all items within a minor service plus inspection and replacement of all parts as necessary. Parts include, pistons, shims, needles, o-rings, all seals, springs, top out springs, damper rods, hard chrome condition and cartridge bodies. Obviously a major service is much more time consuming and thus a more expensive.

If you have custom or race suspension and you are happy with it, best to have it serviced by the shop who originally built. They will know it best and other shops may not have the information they need in order to service it properly.

Below are guidelines on how often your motorcycles suspension should be serviced.






Road Bike

Minor Service - every 20,000km or at any sign of oil leakage  

Major Service - every 40,000km


Track Bike - Recreational Track Riding / Novice Racing

Minor Service - Every 2 years or at the sign of any oil leakage

 Major Service - Every 4 years


Race Bike - Expert Racer

Minor Service - Every 6 months or at the sign of any oil leakage

 Major Service - Every 12 months


"Instantly from riding out the workshop door, the results where amazing - why don't all the bike manufacturers have suspension setup, as per the team at Race Center??? Great service, quick turn around and awesome results, highly recommend there business to others. Thanks again guys. "

Andrew Fenech - KTM 1290 SUPERDUKE

"Daz explained the functions and adjustability of suspension in such a way that I understood more about how it works in 5 minutes than I have ever understood in 15 years of riding. Thanks Daz for the adjustments! It made a huge difference for the better"


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