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Aprilia Servicing - Melbourne

We have extensive experience working with Aprilia’s, from the now classic V2 Mille and original Tuono to the modern range of 200+HP RSV4, Tuono. Capanords, the newer RS660 platforms and even models such as the 2 stroke RS 125, if you have an Aprilia we are likely to have your needs covered. These exotic machines from Italy require specialised tools, equipment and know how to keep them reliably running. Proper regular maintenance is the key with many Italian motorcycles and Aprilas are no exception. Our services include:

  • General servicing

  • Diagnosis & troubleshoot

  • Major servicing and valve clearances

  • Performance & Dyno tuning 

  • Suspension setups and upgrades.

  • Full range of Track and Race bike services

Our workshop is equipped with the specialist tools and diagnostic equipment that is required when working on these exotic machines.


We are also set-up with the software and cables to be able to custom tune these ECUs on our in house dyno. 

Aprilia Service Enquiry 

Thanks for your enquiry . We will be in touch soon.

This joint is hands down the best workshop around. Service was incredible, informative and reliable. Every detail of the job was documented and sent to me via email with full reports and photos etc. I didn’t think there were mechanics out there that would actually care for your bike as much as you do- no exaggeration. These guys are just good honest blokes that love bikes. I took my RSV4 here. When I dropped it off, I had just bought the bike. I really liked it but had some reservations in relation to how it rode and handled. After these dudes set it up, it is now my forever bike. It’s just a dream to ride and I couldn’t be happier.

Alex J - 2010 RSV4 Factory

Honest and real advice and Daz goes above and beyond any other shop i've been to. Have been going here for the past 2 1/2 years. My road bike, race bike and dirt bike have all had the Race Centre DB02 treatment plus many other services completed here.

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