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Welcome to our Race School, the word school was never so cool (oh dear!). This an awesome way for you to learn more about the sport you love, plus make you faster than you could imagine. Our many years of racing , technical know how and coaching experience spanning from beginners through to pro racers, gives you access to a knowledge base that will help your riding and racing whatever your level.


3 to 4 articles will be published monthly and over the course of the next 12 months we will upload an extensive array of technical data presented in a user friendly easy to digest format.


During this building stage we are offering an introductory special at just $99 for a 12 months subscription for individuals and $499 for professional race teams and businesses. Signing up will be some of the best money you ever spend in this sport.

Phillip Island Re-surface 2024 - Pirelli Tyre Pressures and information for mint tyre wear

We recently tested a the newly re-surfaced Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit - We had amazing tyre wear and fast time. Find out how

Tyre Tear and New Tracks

This topic always generates a lot of talk and mixed opinions. Unfortunately understanding tyres in detail can be a complex subject.
So here are 10 things that might make things a bit clearer for you.

Hints to Help Solve Tyre Tear

Some Hints to Help Solve Tyre Tear

Data on Broadford’s New Track Surface and Pressures

All you need to know about Broadford’s new surface, including tyre pressures. A must read if you are not interested in destroying tyres!

Body Position & Lean Angle - Part 1 - FREE ARTICLE

Body Position & Lean Angle – Part 1 Understanding the Keys
Mega lean angle, great body position, knee down and these days elbow down and that leg dangle thing. These are things a lot of us crave. Especially if there is a photographer keen to snap up some action images.

So what’s the deal, how important is it and what it the right way to learn it?

Body Position & Lean Angle - Sample Video

SHORT Sample Video of part 2 & 3

Body Position & Lean Angle - Part 2

VIDEO - Part 2 of our body position series - the 4 fundamentals

Body Position & Lean Angle - Part 3

VIDEO - Part 3 of our body position series - more advanced techniques

So Why do MotoGP bikes Crash so often?

MotoGP is the pinnacle of our sport, in terms of technology, tyres, machines and of course the riders. So with the best tech, tyres and riders why do we see them crash so often?
Sure they are always pushing the limits but why don’t they just run wide, why do we see them in the gravel trap nearly as often as just making a simple mistake?
After all a DNF = no points, combined with time off due to injuries, crashing doesn’t help anyone’s championship aspirations.

Different Bikes, Different Lines

Why do smaller capacity race bikes use different lines to more powerful bikes?
Ok there are a few basic reasons smaller bikes should use different race lines to bigger more powerful bikes. While weight of the bike has a little bit to do with it, that is actually a much smaller part than you think.
The main reasons are:

Hayshed Faster & Safer

Those who know Phillip Island well will know turn 8, or as it’s better known ‘the Hayshed’, can be difficult and even daunting for some.
Unfortunately, it’s one of those corners that carries a bit of a nasty reputation however done correctly there is absolutely no reason to fear it at all. In fact, it’s a section of track you should look forward too, can gain heaps of lap time and even setup some fully sick passes.

3 Polices to Make You Fast

When it comes to bike setup, rider coaching or even upgrades to your bike a lot of people fall into the same trap. Basically adopting things that in theory should make you faster but end up sending you down the garden path resulting in self-doubt, confusion, a lack of confidence and ultimately slower lap times.

Winton Gear Change Points

This is a quick guide to help you know where you should be shifting gears at Winton

Broadford Gear Change Points

This is a quick guide to help you know where you should be shifting gears at Broadford. It also has basic lines and apex points

Phillip Island Gear Change Points

This is a quick guide to help you know where you should be shifting gears at the Island

Correct Gearing Equals Lap Time

The importance of gearing your track bike correctly cannot be overstated. It is one of the single most important things to achieving faster lap times, it really is.

Gearing Recommendations

Here is a list of the right gearing for your bike.

Gear Lever Distance Guidelines

Gear Lever Distance Guidelines to suit your foot size


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