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Motorcycle Fuel System Servicing

Having your fuel system checked and serviced is an often overlooked part of motorcycle maintenance.

Factors like your motorcycle sitting for a few months, stale or poor quality fuel, water and corrosion in your tank can all have a noticeable impact on how you bike performs.

Then there are components such a fuel pumps, pressure regulators, injectors and carbies that age and begin to deteriorate. We even see kinked fuel lines choking the bikes performance.

The performance of your fuel system, the quality of the fuel you are using and ensuring your are using the correct fuel all have a very big impact on the performance and rideability of your motorcycle.

It may be time to service your fuel system if your bike has been exhibiting odd or intermediate behaviors such as:

  • Cutting out or feeling a little choked at higher RPMs

  • Feeling a little rough

  • Feeling a bit lazy and down on power

What we do.

  • Inspection and diagnose of the fuel system and all its components, including pressure checks

  • Clean injectors and fuel rails/connectors

  • Check injectors spray patterns and for any leaks

  • Check the condition and replace all seals where required

  • Clean / service your fuel pump

  • Check for leaks or worn/frayed hoses/connectors

  • Use our state of the art dyno & diagnostics equipment to aid the fault finding process.

  • Diagnose any other or faulty components issues


Get in touch below to enquire about a clean for your bikes fuel system.


Motorcycle Fuel System Service Enquiry 

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I was very impressed with the way these guys operate. They provided updates over phone, text, email and even shared photos to show the stages of the work being completed which assured me that my bike was being looked after. The written report of the work completed was so comprehensive it was like reading a blog about every interaction my bike had with their technicians. In my 8 years of owning road/sports bikes this is the best experience I've had and well deserving of 5 stars.

Incredible service and professionalism. THIS is how motorcycle workshops should operate. If you're looking for trustworthy and skilled technicians to work on your bike, you've found them.

Harley and the crew are deadset legends.
I've taken my CBR500r and royal enfield to them for everything incl. standard services, electrical work and their communication and professionalism is always top notch.

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