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Power in 3D

Our state of the art dyno tuning facilities and racing experience ensures we can provide the ultimate tune for your ride.  


Our key focus is throttle response, smooth power delivery and of course maximum acceleration and power too. 

We focus on power in 3D not just peak power.

Our dyno room is equipped with an extremely powerful centrifugal ram air fan to simulate high speed ram air as well as providing more than ample cooling.  This ram air capability allows us to tune high performance engines properly for the race track.

We can supply and install piggy back units such as Bazzaz and Powercomander as well as ECU Flashing.

Dyno 3D example.png


Basic ECU Flash

*Options depend on bike model Removes lower gear restrictions, raise RPM, disables fuel cut on decel. O2 Sensors swtiched off to allow proper tuning **does not include tune, any tune option can be selected seperately

$225 +gst

Powercommander / Bazzaz Tune

More than adequet for most bikes including race bikes *does not include supply or install of unit.

$399 + gst

Powercommander / Bazzaz Tune – Indiviual Cylinder Tune

2 cylinder

$519 + gst

Powercommander / Bazzaz Tune – Indiviual Cylinder Tune

3 cylinder

$639 + gst

Powercommander / Bazzaz Tune – Indiviual Cylinder Tune

4 cylinder

$759 + gst

ECU Flash and Tune

Includes supply and install of on bike harness, all options as per basic ECU flash plus tuning through your ECU. No requirement for any pickback unit.

$1199 + gst

Optional Extras: On bike Auto Tuner

Tunes bike as you ride. Price to be confirmed on application.

From $299 +gst

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