Stemming from racing heritage, our workshop is dedicated to the highest quality work for all jobs big and small.  Our services range from minor road bike log book servicing and tyre supply/fitting through to full race bike builds including performance engine work and suspension setups.

Our workshop is staffed by experienced race technicians who’s sole focus is the quality of their work.  We pride ourselves on putting quality and safety first which includes a quality control check for all jobs.  This means our quotes are based on doing the job right rather than doing it quickly just to be cost competitive.

We put effort into our quotes making allowances for likely extras that will be needed, you won’t receive any surprises on your final bill.  


All required variations from your quote are communicated in advance for your approval before any extra work is conducted.

Any work that requires an engine seal to be opened is followed by a Dyno run for a quality and leak test check.  The bonus with this is your receive a dyno report for you bike.