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We have a range of used race tyres in stock,Why is this?

Our top riders in our race team always need to race and test on new or near tyres so that we have consistency with our bike setup.

This means we often have tyres that still have a lot of life left.

These tyres are still great, they are just no longer at their extreme best and at the pointy end of high-level racing, their extreme best is needed.

This makes them a great option for track day riders to save money and still have great tyres. Furthermore, unless you’re extremely fast, your won’t even notice a difference between nor use the benefit of a new tyre vs. a tyre that has done 20 laps

All the used tyres we have for sale are known quantities, meaning we know how much life they have left, their age and that they have been looked after and stored well We don’t sell junk or tyres past their prime. All of our used tyres are stored in a controlled environment away from the UV rays.


​In the following video Daz explains how we rate our tyres.

How to read our used tyre condition?


High end of useable life cycle of the tyre - Spun only a handful of laps o that side of the tyre. Best used on a track with the majority of corners on that side of the tyre.


medium part of useable life cycle of the tyre, still an ample amount of tread left on that side of the tyre


Lower end of the useable life cycle of the tyre.Best for tracks with not many corners on that side of the tyre

  • LHS - Left Hand side of the tyre

  • RHS - Right hand side of the tyre

All our used tyres are usable and safe for use on track. We will not sell tyres that we wouldn’t recommend to use, we simply dispose of tyres that are beyond their usable life. All tyres are stored in a climate controlled environment away from UV rays and sunlight. All tyres are on average less than 1 to 4 years old from their build date and have only done a 1 or 2 heat cycles.

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