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Race/Track Bike Safety Checks

Have you recently purchased a second hand race bike or had a crash on your track bike and want to make sure its straight and safe to ride?

Having peace of mind in the safety of your race bike is essential to enjoying your time on the race track and feeling safe while doing so. Buying a second hand race bike can be risky if the proper checks are not carried out or you are not sure on the history of the machine. Things like bent frames, forks or malfunctioning brakes can be extremely dangerous.

We offer a complete race/track bike safety checkover for those wanting the re-assurance that their bike is safe to ride. 

This service includes checks to critical parts of your motorcycle including

Stage 1 Check - From $350

  • Wheel alignment check

  • Chassis/frame check and measurement

  • head stem and wheel bearings check

  • Swingarm and shock bearings check

  • Brakes operation, pads and fluid condition

  • Suspension operation. Check for leaks, stiction

  • Tyres and wheels. Wear and valve checks

  • Rearsets 

  • Throttle freeplay and operation

  • Clutch cable operation and freeplay

  • Bodywork and fastners

  • Oil Filter 

  • Cooling system check

  • This check takes around 3hrs

Stage 2 Check  - From 

  • Dyno run and analysis

  • Fuel System check

  • Suspension analysis

  • Rearset Setup 

  • Clutch Pack measurement

Stage 3 Check + Service

Suspension Service. New seals, oils etc

Steering damper service

Brake caliper and MC service

Valve Check and adjustment

We also offer this service for road bikes in the form of a pre-purchase check. Get in touch below to arrange or enquire about a safety check.


Race Bike Safety Check Enquiry

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What you'll receive with the report

  • A comprehensive detailed report with photos and any critical issues that we find. 

  • Our advice on how to rectify any major or minor issues we find with the option to have us quote to fix any issues you would like rectified. 

  • Our specialised expertise in track bike prep and maintenance, we are happy to guide you through what requires critical attention.

  • Advice for enhancing the performance of your bikes whether thats tune, suspension, geometry setup or tyre choice. We can help you go faster.

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