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Cant comfortably reach the ground on your bike?
Feel safer and confident by having your motorcycle professionally lowered 

For the shorter rider sometimes lowering a bike is the only option to fully enjoy your dreambike and have the confidence when coming to a stop.Lowering bikes does introduce some compromises and if not done correctly can negatively affect the bikes handling. If done correctly it can improve the handling of the bike for that particular rider along with giving them confidence of touching the ground and keeping balance.

Lowering Links

There are a range of lowering links available on the market, also called dog bones. These are relatively easy to install. However just using lowering links can introduce many problems.With lowering links the base point of the suspension travel changes, and with the wheels fully compressed with the bike under load in a corner you could end up scraping the exhaust( for underslung exhaust like the V4) or even your pegs or engine cases. By just using lowering links you are compromising ground clearance.The correct way-To significantly lower a bike properly the lowest point on the bike fully compressed has to betaken into consideration. You must accept that the compromise of lowering the bike will be a reduction in the amount of suspension travel.This reduction in suspension travel is achieved through modifying the shock length and fork length. The bike will now avoid bottoming out and parts scraping the ground.


There are compromises when lowering a bike and that is that it will be firmer than the OEM setup. As we have reduced the suspension travel that same suspension has to now deal with the same loads but with less travel to do so. Stiffer spring rates are required for this and the change in loads.The bike and riders center of gravity have both changed. Both the bike and rider are now lower so the pitching of the bike front and rear has changed. It's extremely important to take the rider weight into consideration, this changes the spring rate along with the decrease in suspension travel. Shorter riders are usually much lighter than taller riders so all of these factors come into play when calculating the correct spring rates, preload and valving for the shortened suspension travel.


Our Solution

Our solution for extreme lowering requirements is a combination of both lowering links, modifying the shock and reducing the suspension travel. This way the bike will retain its handling.


Side Stand

Now that the bike is lowered the side stand length myst be taken into consideration.

In conjunction with XXXX we have the bikes side stand modified for the new ride height.

Rear Sets

Rear sets can be either adjusted, or aftermarket solutions sourced to gain back any lost ground clearance.Shorter/Shaved Seats-For many motorcycles there are a range of lower/shaved seat options available. This may bethe solution if you are looking for a small drop but remember that the riders center of gravityhas now changed and the rider will be sitting lower in the bike. We do advise having thesuspension and sags adjusted to suit.



Stage 1 - Evaluation and Setup

Evaluation and setup of your existing suspension including OEM suspension or aftermarket suspension. We can normally achieve very noticeable improvements in handling, confidence and safety with this package

From $175


Stage 2 - Dynamic Balance - Gen 2 (DB-02) Upgrade

The stage 2 DB-02 upgrade drastically improves the handling and balance of most model bikes. This upgrade also includes lowering to suit the rider where required. DB-02 is designed for any rider from novice road rider looking for improved confidence and safety, to the track day punter or club level racer looking for improved lap time. Not suited to national level or professional racer

From $1,100 depending on bike, average cost $1850


Stage 3 - After market suspension OR FD-02 Flow Dynamics Gen 2

Stage 3 is designed for national level racer and those looking for the ultimate in performance and handling. The major advantage over stage 2 is improved dampening properties and a high level of adjustibilty including easier spring changes. We use all major brands including Ohlins, K-Tech and our own in-house FD-02 products. The major advantage of Stage 3 over stage 2 is the level of adjustability and ease to change spring rates at the track.

From $2,750 to $5,500


"Instantly from riding out the workshop door, the results where amazing - why don't all the bike manufacturers have suspension setup, as per the team at Race Center??? Great service, quick turn around and awesome results, highly recommend there business to others. Thanks again guys. "


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