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Membership and bike storage 

No space to store your track bike? Not really confident with doing your own maintenance? Don’t have the time? Need some mentoring? Ever dreamed of being in a race team? Well maybe Race Center Membership is something you might want to consider.

Race Center membership offers 3 main services however you don’t need to sign up for it all, you can tailor it to suit your needs

·        Bike Storage & Maintenance

·        Transport to and from the track, you just show up like a factory rider 😊

·        Rider mentoring, complete with bike setup assistance.


From August 2019 the Race Center premises is expanding, we have also invested heavily in our own race truck. We are creating a race team for the people.

Our mission is to give anyone who has ever dreamed of being a part of a race team that opportunity. Regardless if you only do track days or if you race, regardless of your ability, experience or who you know in the industry. This opportunity is open to all, even beginners.


We believe everyone deserves the same care and service. Our goal, to help people really enjoy their motorcycling journey and provide them with guidance along the way.

Bike Storage and Maintenance

Bike storage and maintenance is based on doing between 8 and 15 track days a year. Or 4 to 6 race meetings a year. Included:

  • Safe, Secure Storage of your bike, stands, basic tools and gear

  • 3 x minor services

  • Check and prep for track day / race meetings

  • Oils, all fluids and labour for the above

  • Bike setup assessment and basic setup

  • Discounted parts, tyres, labour and other services.


Can you supply your own tyres, parts etc? Absolutely!

Can you do your own maintenance in our workshop to save yourself money? Not yet however this is something we are working toward.


Can you take your bike to another workshop or mates house to do work outside the scope of the membership to save yourself money? Absolutely. We will report any issues or prepare a quote for you to fix crash damage etc. However, you are more than free to take it elsewhere for the work if you wish. You are not bound to have all the work done at Race Center.


Will I be able to access my bike after hours to pick it up for a track day? Yes you will just need to give us 24 hours notice.

What if I miss my bike? Can I come visit it? Absolutely!

Cost is $780 for 3 months or $2900 for 12months

payment required up front, if you wish to exit early thats cool you will recieve a refund on the rermaining time minus 1 month

Indoor trailer storage is also available but limited numbers -from $120 per month





Transport to the track is available to members and customers who have their bikes in our workshop


Transport rates are:


Broadford Return $90

Phillip Island Return $110

Winton Return $110


We will provide you will a list of all dates we are going to the track so you can plan your track days.

Rider Mentoring


Want to become a better more competent rider? The is no magic solution, like anything in life hard work, persistence and guidance are key elements. A more long term approach will net better results than one off coaching sessions.

We are offering mentoring rather than just coaching. We don’t just look at specifics about your riding, we include things like goal setting, mindset, preparation, assistance with budgeting, bike upgrade advice etc. A holistic approach tailored to your goals is key.

Motorsport is expensive, there is no magic sponsorship tree. Sponsorship is out there but needs to be earned and it takes time. Money is just part of the sport, it is what it is. If you want to succeed you just need to plan a little bit that’s all. And we can help with that.

Thus we are offering a new members mentoring package. A 12 month program which includes:


  • No obligation, free initial discussion. First we need to understand your goals and if we can actually assist you. We are motived to help you succeed. If we don’t think we can provide value or get you to your goals, we will be honest and just tell you. If we do believe we can help, only then will we proceed.


  • Goal setting meeting.

  • Budget and 12 month plan

  • 5 x trackside support / coaching/ bike setup days (this the most expensive component of this package)

  • 5 x video review and debriefs away from the track to reset plans and address issues as need be.


Cost is $2,500 for 12 months when couple with bike storage package, $2,800 for 12 months without bike storage.

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