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We are still open during Stage 4 restriction

Updated 4-8-2020

Our workshop remains open under the new Melbourne Metro Stage 4 restrictions with a COVID Safe Plan in place to ensure yours and our safety.

  • Your safety and health is our highest priority. We want to press on to do our little bit for the economy, mental health and keep the wheels turning a little. Of course, provided it is completely safe, compliant and legal to do so.

  • If you are sick or have any symptoms you must not visit our premises. Our staff are also under strict guidelines regarding sickness, symptoms and minimal contact with the outside world.


  • We have a robust contact-less pick up a drop off system in place

  • Our premise is split into two factories:


  • Primary Workshop. Factory 342B

  • Storage and Contact-less Pick up / Drop off Factory 342C


  • Visitors and customers are not to enter the Primary Workshop 342B unless essential and apporved by staff. Prior to entry the visitor and all employees present must wear a face mask or face shield and maintain a distance of 1.5 meters or more at all times

  • We can Pick up and Drop Off. We are offering customers a contact free delivery service so that you can remain close to home and compliant. This service is free for any job over $1,000 and $50 each way for jobs under. We will advise you of a specific time and ring when we have arrived so that you can leave your bike out and avoid any contact. 😊

  • Drop offs & Pick Ups. Customers and delivery persons are to leave/pick up their bikes / items in either the chained off COVID safe pay area, the driveway OR the Storage and contactless pick up factory 342C. We will have your pick ups ready for you without need to come into close contact with us.

  • We have a COVID safe pay area with a safety screen, chain and floor markings to keep us safely apart.

  • Any visitor that is on the premises for 15 minutes or more will be recorded in the visitor register. This will help with contact tracing if the need arises.

  • We cannot accept any unannounced drop offs or pick-ups or visits. All visits must be pre-organised with our team 😊

  • Where a customer / visitor cannot unload or load their bike on their own, we will take over however they will not be allowed to assist us. They will be required to give us at least 2 meters of space and be wearing face mask if outside their vehicle. Employees will also be required to wear a face mask while doing this

  • All visitors will be required to wear face mask or shield during their visit.

Some info to help with questions you may have:

  • Can you travel more than 5km from your home to visit Race Center. Only if the work you need to have done is essential and we are the closest provider of that service. As we are a specialist workshop there are not many providers in Melbourne that provide the same service. If in doubt and concerned, just get us to pick up for you. That’s the safest option.

  • If you’re outside Melbourne Metro and want to get your bike into us, can you? You cannot bring it in yourself unless it meets the criteria in the above point 1. However, we can travel just outside, meet you at a service station and pick up your bike for you. 


We will need you to keep your distance and ideally have the bike already unloaded and ready to go. But we are more than happy to meet you so you don’t need to risk being non-compliant


  • If you can post in parts (like forks, shocks, ecu’s) that’s a great option.


Above all else, your health and safety is most important! See you on the other side.

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