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Ride-by-Wire Throttle Mapping 

Whats the solution for a jerky throttle?


Finally Ride-by-Wire that feels

more connected than a cable setup 


Experience a new generation in power delivery that will allow you to ride faster & smoother on track or on the road. With our experience of over 12,000 hours across 12 years of dyno tuning, testing, data-logging and racing we have developed the ultimate throttle mapping for most modern ride by wire bikes. 

  • Linear - Smoother & Faster Power Delivery

  • Unleash riding confidence with Seamless predictable Power delivery without spikes or the jerkiness associated with most modern ride by wire systems.

  • The motor will feel connected to the brain, You will feel in control of the motor rather than the other way around.

  • A new generation in ride by wire power delivery developed totally in house for both the road and race track.

  • You no longer have to rely on traction control as you are in control of the torque delivery. Traction control can now just be what it should be, a back up safety net and not used to mask poor throttle mapping

  • The same throttle mapping our championship winning and lap record holding race bikes use

THL MAPS NJ84 copy 2.jpg
THL MAPS NJ84 copy 2.jpg

Throttle Maps

The problem with modern Ride - by - Wire Motorcycles.

Most modern motorcycle these days use ride by wire to control how much torque is delivered. In short your twistgrip input is not connected via a cable to your throttle bodies as this is now all done electronically. Your twistgrip input is converted to an electrical current which runs through sensors and into the ECU first before being sent to the throttle bodies where it is converted into an opening or shutting of the throttle plate(s). This has the advantage of offering much more advanced power delivery, traction control, wheelie control and engine braking options among other things. Unfortunately the downside is this can lead to a twistgrip that doesn't feel as connected to the engine. If you read or watch most motorcycle journalists reviews of modern bikes many of their complaints with modern bikes seems to be the throttle connection or jerky throttle inputs. This affects some motorcycles and brands worse than others, we also have to factor in the strict emissions and Euro5 compliance that is making it more commonplace for bikes to come out of the factory with a less than ideal snappy and twichy feeling throttle and power delivery. 

What is throttle mapping?

We all know about fuel mapping and tuning a bikes engine but throttle mapping is arguably more important in modern bikes. Throttle mapping is how the inputs and electronic signals from the twistgrip are interpreted by the ECU and algorigm and then sent across to the bikes mechanical throttlebodies which tell them to open or shut accordingly. The problem with ride by wire throttle mapping is it isn't always linear and intuative like it was with a cable operated throttlebody. Sometimes the factory engineers create a map that on paper seems logical but in the real world is actually compromised. Development costs, time restraints or emission demands can all lead to a manufacturer releasing a bike with less than ideal throttle mapping. 


Does my bike suffer from  poor throttle mapping?

Does your throttle feel snatchy or jerky? Does it lack feel?. If you are unsure of what the bike is going to do at a certain throttle input you will be reluctant to trust it will deliver what your right hand says. This is especially true at small throttle inputs  5-20% where you are feeding the power on, asking the bike for 15% torque but it suddenly deciding it will give you 30% torque is not only dangerous but not intuative at all. This disconnect, jerkiness from a closed to open throttle or slight lag in shutting the twistgrip all lead to a bike that wont feel as connected or confidence inspring as it should and could be.


How can it be improved and what are the benefits?

Like most components from OEM manufactures they can be greatly improved. (think about your bikes suspension for example)  Throttle mapping is a very time consuming and highly technical process that can completely transform the way your bike delivers its power and can get rid of any spikes in the delivery of torque. Some manufacturer's do it better than others ( the latest 2022+ Ducatis V4's are almost spot on ,whereas the 2019 models were extremely difficult to ride smoothly because of the way they delivered their power).


Many modern Yamaha's and BMWs with their suite of electronic aids are less than ideal in the way they deliver their power and can be improved beyond belief. Just like tuning your airfuel ratio and ignition your ECU is full of complex tables and data that tells it when to open and close the throttle bodies based on many factors and sensors. These tables and values are where things can be improved and changed, with the right knowledge and experience a change in the bikes throttle mapping can completely transform the way it delivers its power, from  jerky and inconsistent to silky smooth and predictable. 

You will have complete trust and confidence in the throttle which will make you not only faster but safer and wanting to get on the gas earlier. No more unintended spikes in power or disconnected twist grip.


Will it suit my bike?

Our reputation is built on trust and providing the best service possible, if we don't think our mapping will suit your model we wont try sell you something that wont make a real difference. Generally speaking if your bike was manufactured after 2012 and is equipped with ride-by-wire it can be transformed with a map.

Some bikes have it right from the factory but many do not. We have maps to suit most makes and models. If your model is not listed below send us a message


  • Yamaha R1 (2009- 2023)

  • Yamaha MT09

  • Yamaha R6

  • BMW 

  • Ducati Panigale V2

  • Ducati Panigale V4

  • Ducati Streetfighter V4

  • Aprilia (2009- 2020)

How to purchase

Our throttle maps require you to mail in your ECU

(or bring your bike into our workshop for Victoria, Australian customers).


There are 2 options

  • Bring your bike in and we load our maps in (Australia only)

  • Send in your ECU, we remap and it send back

Mailing instructions can be found here

Australian Customers - 2-3 days turnaround

International Shipping - 1-2 Weeks turnaround

Once you have purchased you will receive a detailed ECU removal video and instructions on shipping.



Nj84 Throttle maps start at $450 

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