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Much like your bikes engine, the suspension of your motorcycle requires servicing to ensure it's performance, reliability and above all your safety.


As with general servicing, there are different levels of suspension servicing. It is common in the industry that workshops only address 'minor' suspension servicing. So when comparing prices make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

Race Center is a specialist suspension performance workshop, as such we provide both minor and major servicing of suspension.

So what's the difference?


Minor servicing is basically, new oil, main seals, a re-gas where applicable and general inspection.

Major servicing includes all items within a minor service plus inspection and replacement of all parts as necessary. Parts include, pistons, shims, needles, o-orings, all seals, springs, top out springs, damper rods, hard chrome condition and cartridge bodies. Obviously a major service is much more time consuming and thus a more expensive.

If you have custom or race suspension and you are happy with it, best to have it serviced by the shop who originally built. They will know it best and other shops may not have the information they need in order to service it properly.

Below are guidelines on how often your motorcycles suspension should be serviced.

Frequency Guidelines

Road Bike

Minor Service - every 20,000km or at any sign of oil leakage / Major Service - every 40,000km

Track Bike - Recreational Track Riding / Novice Racing

Minor Service - Every 2 years or at the sign of any oil leakage / Major Service - Every 4 years

Race Bike - Expert Racer

Minor Service - Every 6 months or at the sign of any oil leakage / Major Service - Every 12 months

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