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90s - 00s Sportsbike Suspension Upgrade


The 1998 R1 – Widow Maker. Yamaha's first in-line 4 1000cc Superbike! They got their name because of the amount that were crashed and flipped in those first few years. 


But despite popular belief, it wasn’t the sudden increase in raw power this model offered that was the true reason behind it’s Widow maker name. In fact by today’s standards they actually aren’t that powerful. 


It was the setup and handling. They are such a steep bike that not only makes them prone to unexpected wheelie, but also makes them very crash happy, and overall lacking confidence for the rider. 


Many bikes of this vintage were the same, notably the 2004 ZX-10R, another widow maker. 


Great news for owners of these now collectable beauties, is the handling, road holding, riding safety and pleasure can be massively increased with a DB-03 (Dynamic Balance Gen-03) suspension upgrade, while keeping the look of the original and vintage. 


So you can have that amazing heritage bike you always wanted but have it handle like its absolutely on rails. That way you can enjoy it and keep it safe from a wreckers grave yard where many of these found their resting place 


Ducati 916, 996, 998 


Honda SP1 and SP2 


Yamaha R1 ( First Gen)

Kawasaki ZX10R ( First Gen)

MV Agusta F4 ( First Gen)


  • Steering dampers have been used which are great. But a bike should not completely ‘rely’ on a damper. It should be very rideable without a damper and the damper should be a safety back up 

  • Unfortunately aftermarket suspension for this bikes is also mostly designed with that vintage specs and is not the best the bikes can be by today’s standards 


Suspension Setup Enquiry 

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