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Yamaha R6 Tunes -  Throttle Maps & ECU Remaps

 Load in and Custom Dyno Tunes to suit 2006- 2022 Yamaha R6

Mail in ECU Tunes and Throttle Maps 

Experience a new generation in power delivery that will allow you to ride faster & smoother on track or on the road.

Key Benefits of a Race Center ECU Remap

  • Linear - Smoother & Faster Power Delivery

  • Unleash riding confidence with Seamless predictable Power delivery without spikes or the jerkiness associated with most modern ride by wire systems.

  • A new generation in ride by wire power delivery developed totally in house for both the road and race track

  • We have been working with R6s for 18 years, including 10s of thousands of racing and testing km’s 

  • We have a wide variety of tunes including Road & Race tunesSlip-on & Full System Tunes 

  • Revised throttle maps & engine braking maps for smoother power delivery and corner entry 

  • All tunes are extremely detailed, in some models the tune covers over 2,500 individual specific throttle load and rpm points.  This means they will work well on a wide variety of fuels and different exhaust. Sure, a load in map will not always be quiet as a full custom tune, however the amount work we have done with the R6 and these tunes means our load in maps will rival even a top quality custom tune 

  • Tunes are all designed and develioed in house. 

  • Throttle connection and rideability is at the forefront of evert tune we develop

How to purchase


FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

What a throttle map

How do we tune?

How to purchase

Our R6 tunes require you to mail in your ECU

(or bring your bike into our workshop for Victoria, Australian customers).


There are 2 options

  • Bring your bike in and we load our maps in (Australia only)

  • Send in your ECU, we remap and it send back

Mailing instructions can be found here

Australian Customers - 2-3 days turnaround

International Shipping - 1-2 Weeks turnaround

Suits the following models


Yamaha R6 - 2006 - 2022

We also have tunes available for many other models.

If we don't have a tune for your model we offer custom dyno tunes

If your model is not listed get in touch HERE.

Load in Maps
From AUD $549

Stage 1

Stage 2

Custom Performance Tunes 
From AUD $1,298

Stage 3

R Spec Tunes 
From AUD $1,598

Yamaha R6 Dyno Charts and Results


2022 Yamaha R6- Akra Full System - DNA Air Filter

A significant midrange improvement and much cleaner AFR especially under 10,000rpm


Air Fuel Ratio - 2022 Yamaha R6- Akra Full System - DNA Air Filter


2007 Yamaha R6- Standard Motor - Yoshi Full System - DNA Air Filter

Notice the 7hp gain. More power everywhere when applying the throttle 


2007 Yamaha R6- Akra Full System - DNA Air Filter

Notice the HP gains all throughout the rev range and the fixed AF ratio in the midrange

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Our Tune Types 


Load in Map Tune

  • A load in maps is where we load in our current best tune for your model and application into your ECU. This can be done by either sending your ECU into us from anywhere in the world or bringing you bike into our workshop. 


Custom Performance Tune 

  • Custom performance tunes are where we tune your bike in-house on our state of the art dyno. Our vastly experienced team use many sensors to properly monitor the tune process, throttle loads, engine temp, air density and other key factors that effect the tune of your bike. We only use high quality, frequently calibrated, wide band exhaust probes to ensure our exhaust gas readings are of the highest quality. Plus we have high density inlet fans to not only keep your bike running in the correct temperature window, but also simulate the ram air effect which is critical for a high quality tune. All these factors, combined with our teams expert knowledge, ensures your bike receives and extremely high quality tune. 


      All custom tunes also include: 


  • Pre dyno checks to ensure you bike is fit and ready to be run on the dyno 

  • Baseline runs under key throttle loads to ensure your bike is running healthy and normally before the tune is carried out. 

  • Before and after graphs showing the gains on multiple throttle loads. 

  • And a cool little video of your bike running on the dyno and being tuned


R-Spec Tune

  • Our R-Spec Tune includes all of the things the custom performance tune with the difference being we spend longer with things like ignition timing to get the very best we can out of your bike. The R-Spec tune is the exact same level and effort of tune we put into our Race team bikes. This doesn’t mean it is strictly for race bikes or that you must have the R-Spec tune if your application is racing, it just means we spend as much time as required to get the absolute best we can. 


Piggyback Units 

Our ECU Maps / Tunes are designed to work without a piggyback tune module. If you are selecting a mail in ECU Load in Map you must either remove your piggyback tune module OR set it to a zero map. 

If you are selecting a custom tune we will asses if we can use your piggy back unit to save your some cost, or if it should be removed when we see the bike. 

How much do tunes cost?

Our tunes start from $549 for a basic flash of your ECU

with one of our pre-existing maps. This includes our special throttle maps

How much HP gain can i expect from a custom tune?

This depends on the bike in most circumstances. Most newer sportsbike don't make a massive jump in outright HP. Most of the gains you will feel will be in the midrange where sometimes up to 10hp is unlocked.  In most cases expect a 3- 10hp improvement at the top end. ( bike dependant)

Can i bring my bike in, instead of sending the ECU?

Certainly, for our Victorian customers we encourage you to bring your bike into our workshop. Please arrange a time with our workshop manager.

What is a throttle map?

We explain in detail what throttle mapping is here. 

Will a tune void my warranty?

Unfortunately like any modification to a vehicle tuning will void your warranty and not be legal. The good thing is our ECU flash can be put back to standard if this is an issue.

Will i lose my different power mode settings?

If your bike had different selectable maps these are in most cases also changed to different superior maps of varying power characteristics. Get in touch with us about how this changes with your model. 

Will a tune affect my fuel economy?

What if my bike is an EU or USA model? 

Above - Dyno chart before and after our Tune. 

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