As stated last week as we are a small workshop with limited public interaction, we will remain open and functioning. However, we have implemented a few small changes effective immediately.

路 Drop off鈥檚 and pick-ups will be short and sweet maintaining a safe distance just to be cautious 馃槉 If that is still a concern, we can organise a drop off out the front.

路 We are more than happy to speak over the phone, whether it be to just to shoot the breeze, run you through you job or chat everything motorbikes in general over the phone.

So, if you have things you would like to chat about, we just ask you to do it over the phone rather than in person.

When it comes to ride days and racing, we will just be following the advice from the organisers who always do a great job and will have your best interest in mind. So follow them for updates.

Obviously, we are a small business and like all businesses we are a little cornered about what the future may hold however everyone's health is the priority. That said we remain optimistic and committed to servicing your motorcycle needs and doing our little bit to keep the economy going. So, if you have been thinking about servicing, suspension servicing, suspension upgrades or dyno tuning and performance upgrades, now is a great time to go ahead. Especially if you will be "working from home 馃槈"

Stay sensible and safe

Dazza, Flexy and El Salsa

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