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Ducati Sport Classic Custom Build

Updated: 2 days ago

Looks or Performance? Why not have both?

We recently had the pleasure of working on this super cool custom Ducati Sport Classic. This bike came in for some major work including

- Installation and setup of MotoGadget Dash and Switchblock

- Custom made wiring loom

- Desmo Belt change and service

- Custom Dyno Tune and mapping

We love working on custom builds with a performance edge that only a race & performance workshop can deliver.

In the following video Daz and Jules explain the scope of work involved in this project and the photos speak for themselves with how beautifully this motorcycle turned out.

Surprised to see a sports classic at Race Center? We do more than just race and sprots bike like our name may suggest. If you have a project bike you need help with whether that be tuning, wiring, suspension or even an engine build get in touch with us below.

Peak HP was relatively unchanged however the midrange and throttle improvements were huge.


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