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Race Center Welcomes Alex Jovanovic

It's with great pleasure that we welcome long time, friend, customer and FstylePhoto proprietor, Alex Jovanovic to the Race Center team.

Alex joins us in a part time role and will be helping build up our digital content. Including webstore, race school content, tech talk videos, on-line bookings, merch and loads more.

Alex (Joco) and Julian (Jools)

On top of his fantastic photography and graphic design skills, Alex has a natural flare for digital presentation and content.

Oh, did we mention that Alex is also an extremely keen motorcyclist? From dirt bikes to track bikes and even an R1 in between, Alex has always loved bikes and been a motorcyclist at heart.

Alex aboard his RSV-4 track bike

Please join us in welcoming Alex (Joco) to the team. And why not check out some of his handy work at FstylePhoto.

Alex doesn't just have a Euro track bike, but he even has a Euro poncy neck scarf to match

Joco's Yamaha R1 in the Race Center workshop


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May 23, 2023

Where do I get one of those poncy scarfs? 😅

May 24, 2023
Replying to

Comes free with any photoshoot package ;)

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