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Pirelli Perform Perfectly on the Road & Track

Updated: Apr 2

Last year we celebrated over 10 years working with Pirelli rubber. Doing the numbers we are closer toward 15 years with the brand. 


It’s not just the track either, we test ride so many road bikes through our workshop and you really can tell the difference when a set of Pirelli’s are bolted in. Instant confidence and great feedback. 


As with any tyre, understanding the correct pressures for your bike and riding is crucial. That’s where the relationship with Race Center helps the end consumer. Be it through our Race School or purchasing your rubber through us, we’ll help you get the best out of them. Just look at the tyre wear we were able to achieve at the recently resurfaced Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit, a track that is notoriously tough on tyres. 


Our experience extends to well over 500 races including competing in WSBK with our own team. When you factor in our customers races, this extends into the thousands. On top of that we have fitted and sold thousands of road tyres through the workshop. 

With this experience, we can definitely confirm that Pirelli do indeed ‘Sell what they Race’ 


If all that wasn’t even, having the pleasure of dealing with a proper quality distributor in Cykel makes the whole experience that much better. 

Check out our Tyre Page for more info or to order a fresh set of hoops

Check out our Race School for Track & Racing Pressure recommendations.



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