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Phillip Island Re-Surface - Will it be a tyre Shredder?

The iconic Phillip Island Grand Prix has just been resurfaced after 12 years. This weekend will be the first time riders get the chance to test out the new surface.

As is often the case with fresh tarmac they offer and incredible amounts of grip ( plus a super smooth surface) however they also tend to tear and wear tyres faster than normal until they have more rubber laid down. Phillip Island is already one of the hardest tracks on tyres, so we have no doubt that some riders will experience excesses wear and tear.

We will be at the Island next weekend ( Feb 2nd- 4th 2024) testing over the 3 days at the Hartwell race meet with Tim Large on the SBK and Luke Sanders in Supersport

After this test we will be posting a new article to our Race School with technical details on how to handle this new surface.

We had so much great feedback and interest in an article we created 4 years ago and we think it will really help. Check it out below.

Click here for a free article on Tyre Tear and New Tracks

If you sign up for Race School you also get the technical details.



Our updated Phillip Island Tyre Advice will be exclusively available for our Race School Subscribers and contain all the information we learn from our 3 days racing on the new track surface. Our testing will be conducted by our 2 ASBK Riders, 2 time VRRC Champ Tim Large and Luke Sanders.

Along with this updated information we also have years of knowledge, race, setup and track tips and it's all available For Only $99.

Whether you're a seasoned racer, track day junkie or a ride day virgin our article will be full of information that can make sure you get the most out of your day on track and extend the life out of your tyres.

For more info on Race School hit the link HERE

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