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Peter Stevens Motorcycles Back’s Race Center

Over the winter break the official Race Center race team has had a boost, managing to secure additional backing from Peter Stevens Motorcycles.

Peter Stevens have stepped up to the plate and are assisting the Race Center team with parts supply moving forward which is a major boost for our race team.

“Having a giant of the motorcycle industry in Peter Stevens getting behind our race team is just fantastic to be honest. Our race team is, and has been for a long time, dedicated to supporting grass roots racing and providing pathways for riders and even support crew to progress in our great sport.

A key element of business has always been to provide the very best service we can to track and racing customers, then provide them the opportunity to join our official race team and help their career develop.

Every single, current rider in our official race team have actually started their journey with us as a customer. To now see some of the progress they have made and the relationships we have formed is just phenomenal. This is a process that’s is at our very core of operation.

As a small business we put in so much finances and resources into grass roots racing and development paths. So now to have Peter Stevens provide us with this support just shows how they are committed to putting back into our sport and industry. It’s just bloody awesome.” said Managing Director of Race Center Darren Sciberras.

This weekends’ round 3 of the 2022 Victorian Road Race Championships will see the Race Center bikes carry the familiar Peter Stevens logos.


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Sensational news Guys, you've definitely earned it. keep up the great work from a super satisfied customer.

Cheers, Rod Merrett.

Darren Sciberras
Darren Sciberras
Sep 01, 2022
Replying to

Thanks heaps Rod!

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