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DB-02 Suspension Upgrade – MV F3 800

The MV Augusta F3 800 has a seriously awesome engine, looks amazing and is super agile out of the box. However, the F3 can be a very difficult bike to ride giving a lack of confidence to anyone other than a super talented pro racer.

For the average rider some of the issues they can face with a sharp handling bike like this are:

· Unnerving tank slappers

· Excessive pitching on the brakes

· A lack of feel when cornering

· Lack of confidence cornering

· The bike wanting to run wide in corners whenever you try to push it a little

· Being kicked out of the seat on big bumps

DB-02 fork internals

Even beginner racers will struggle with such an agile bike, why? Because a bike so agile is very sensitive to any input and needs to be ridden almost perfectly to work properly. The most talented riders can do that but it’s very hard for the rest of us.

Our industry tends to use the extremely talented riders to help develop their bikes and as a result we tend to end up with bikes designed to work for super talented riders rather than the rest of us. Just makes sense really.

Our DB-02 suspension upgrade is designed to make this flightily Italian a lot more user friendly for the average road and track day rider.

The DB-02 upgrade is all about getting the balance of the bike between front and rear in a much more user friendly and neutral zone for 90% of riders. That’s where the name comes from Dynamic Balance 😊

The DB-02 upgrade does differ slightly for each model of bike in order to achieve the same confidence inspiring results regardless of the model of bike. So any bike, not just the MV, that experiences any of the above issues can be fixed, yep they can! And any rider road or track other than a pro racer is going to gain heaps of confidence, feeling, improved control and lap speed from this upgrade


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