• Darren Sciberras

Broadford New Track Surface – Tyres and More

Updated: May 28, 2020

Before COVID-19 rocked up, the talk of the town was the Broadford re-surface. This coming weekend we finally get to sample it.

Truth is until we have had some running on it we won’t really know exactly how it’s going to behave however here are some things we can expect.

When the track is angry, This was from the early day at Winton

1. The team at Broadford opted for a medium grip vs abrasion surface. While we might see some tyre tear it shouldn’t be anything near as bad as the Bend was in it’s first few months.

2. The surface is new and will be a little green without much rubber down. So as always with a new track have a feel first before you start to push as grip won’t be at it’s best until it is well rubbered in.