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All system go for Team Race Center at this weekends VRRC round at Broadford

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Race Center before a big race meeting?

The boys have all been putting in the hours to ensure all bikes, equipment and the team are ready. From measuring clutch plates, balancing a truckload of spare rims to assembling entire bikes. Oh and somehow we need to fit all of this stuff into the Race Truck!

Here's a short video and a look at what the boys have been hard at work achieving earlier this week.


We're buzzing with anticipation and preparations as we gear up for this weekend's round of the VRRC at Broadford State Motorcyle Complex.

Our dedicated Race Center crew has been working tirelessly in the workshop, fine-tuning every aspect of our bikes to ensure maximum performance on and off the track throughout the weekend. It's going to be an action packed weekend of close racing at one of our favourite circuits and we are so proud to be supporting our team riders across 3 hotly contested race classes.


300 Supersport

Alexander Brisbane #54 Yamaha R3

Colin Bone #69 Kawasaki Ninja 400

600 Supersport

Harley Side #95 Yamaha R6

William Sharrock #44 Yamaha R6

Chris Cucuzza #05 Yamaha R6


Tim Large #74 Yamaha R1

Leeroy Rammstein #37 Yamaha R1

We'd love to have your support so get on up to Broadford Circuit to have a look this weekend the 3 - 4th June 2023. Spectator entry is free, the canteen will be open and camping is available if you're keen for a full weekend of racing.

Photos - Russell Colvin 783 Media


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