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2023 Race Center Christmas Party & Bruce Hill Memorial Trophy – Who made the Podium???

After a mega battle on track at our 2023 Xmas Party the results are as follows.

Australasia’s biggest race, the Annual Race Center Xmas Party & Bruce Hill Memorial Trophy has been run and won.

Taking Pole position and 2 wins from 2 races, in what was a dominant performance, was the world famous, the one and only Jake Drew World Wide....wide wide wide. He was closely shadowed by Race Center boss man Super Daz, sharing the front row with Jake and taking two 2nd places from the two races. In third was the Irish Blow In of Shane O’Brian

As always though, controversy was never far away. Many claim that both Jake & Daz had far superior karts! While there may have been some, ok a lot of truth to that, both Jake and Daz fiercely denied this was the case at all.

The other annual honours went to:

People’s Champion - Timothy Large – for his sheer brutality on track and punting absolutely everyone he could off track

Honourable mention to Harley Saucey Side for popping a tyre on his kart.


Best On Ground (BOG) – For this first time ever, there were joint recipients. Jools & Daz share this honour in 2023. Daz for being proper sideways and managing to fall asleep while eating a kabab. Jools for firstly being the one responsible for getting a few of the clan proper sideways, with his strategically timed and persistent shots, followed by falling asleep on the tram and missing his stop on the way home.


Honourable mention to Luke Sanders for being so sideways he snapped the lockstops off the thing. Unfortunately he just missed making it a 3 way tie due to piking it just a bit too early.

Thanks to everyone who was there in person and those who were there is spirit. It was a wonderful, fun time and a great way to cap off Race Center 2023!

Bruce Hill Memorial Honours List


Champion – Jake Drew (Jake Drew World Wide)

2nd Super Daz

3rd Shane O'Brian

People Champion

Tim Large (TL Turbo)

Best on Ground  

Jools & Super Daz


In loving memory of Nathan Jones the race did not take place.


Champions – Saucey & Brendo

People Champion

Super Daz & Boner

Best on Ground  

Jools - Proper Blind


Champion – Tim Large (TL Turbo)

2nd Jake Drew (Jake Drew World Wide)

3rd Tyson Jones (Tyson)

People Champion

Daniel Duda – High sided his RSV4 leaving Race Center on the morning of the party breaking his leg :(

Best on Ground

Harley Side (Sauce) – World biggest hangover the next day

Team Champions – Race Center


Champion – Tim Sandy

2nd Tyson Jones

3rd Nathan Jones

People Champion

William Sharrock – Blown Kart

Best on Ground

Super Daz – Blindest at the after party, had an accidental nap in the bush

Team Champions

Race Center


Champion – Luke Sanders

Peoples Champion

Dingo Meade – DNS due to high blood alcohol reading from night before

Best on Ground

William Sharrock – Blindest at the after party – speaking proved very difficult for William


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