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Race Center advised pressures for Pirelli.



Version 7 updated 23-08-2018


· The most critical pressure to check is the ‘off track IN pressure’ (the pressure straight after you come in off track). This gives the best indication to what the pressures were on track. The ‘on track’ pressures are the key.

· Tyre warmers are designed to get your tyres to the temperature they will operate on track, their purpose is NOT to get the tyres as hot as possible.

· In winter, if your front tyre warmer is set hot, it is very likely the tyre will cool down a lot on track and thus lose a lot of pressure. The key is to keep the ‘on track’ pressure in the working window. So in winter it is actually better to run your tyre warmer a bit cooler to keep your warmer pressure and on track pressure more stable.

· As every brand of tyre warmer is different and there are some warmers that have adjustable temps. As such we cannot give you a pressure that is perfect for your warmer. You will need to check your pressure when you come in and adjust accordingly. Over time you will learn how to manage the variation in out pressure and “in pressures”

· If your in pressure is too low when you come in, simply pump it up to the desired pressure and then check it again at the end of the next session and repeat until you get your target. If it’s too high, let some air out and repeat.

· Our recommended pressures are designed to give a balance of best performance and tyre life. Some recommendations are for much lower pressures! Running low pressures will result in a much bigger drop off in performance and greatly reduced tyre life. Some low pressure will not even make a full race distance. As such our pressures give a much more consistent base that you can then setup your bike around.


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