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Only available in Black. Top of the range product used in all World Championships.


Made internally and externally by black aramid Nomex fabric with Carbon Fibre resistance studied in order to heat the tyre shoulder for high grip performance. This product is managed by an electronic control unit placed on the tie that permit the temperature adjustment from 30°C until 100°C.


Thermal Technology Tyre Warmers are are used by our own race team and are simply the best tyre warmer we have ever sampled. Their build quality, performance and options help us achieve amazing tyre life, great wear and awesome performance. 


There is a great range to suit your budget (not all are listed yet so just call or email) and great tyre warmers will save you money in the long run due to the improved tyre wear they provide. If they weren't good, we would not use them with our top teir team!


Technical Details


  • Temperature adjustment with integrated control unit
  • Digital display to check the heating status
  • Setpoint range 0 - 120 C
  • Non-flammable internal fabric
  • Aramid, anti-cut, water and oil-resistant external fabric
  • Reflective triple-layer insulation to avoid dispersive waste of heat
  • Carbon fibre heating resistance surrounded by a thermo-conductive silicone cover
  • Heating element with the transversal and longitudinal shape
  • Power consumption 950W
  • Black Colour
  • Material compliant with EC standards
  • Three years warranty, two years on electronic parts
  • Comes with exclusively designed transport and storage


2 Years





Thermal Technology Tyre Warmers- Evo Dual Zone

Order ships within 3 business days
  • Available in sizes:
    120/160 [M], 120/180 [L], 120/190/200 [XL],120/205 [XXL] & 200/65 200/70 [XXXL]

    Tyre Warmer Size Recommendations for Thermal Technology Tyre Warmers

    120 [M] 160 [L] 180/55 190/50 [XL] 180/60 190/55 200/55 195/65 [XXL] 200/60 205/65 [XXXL] Front 125/70 & 125/80 Rear 200/65 & 200/70

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