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How To Use A: To actually answer your question, you can't. You can't search for strings in a PDF file. The other answers on how to do this are wrong. It's not possible and there is no way to achieve this. There are ways to check if a document is PDF or not. You can use the library pdfbox for this. If the library pdfbox returns true for the isPDf() function, you are dealing with a PDF document. It's part of the package org.apache.pdfbox:pdfbox-app-1.7.12. Download and install the JAR file and you can run PDF documents on your Java program. There are many examples and tutorials on how to do this. For example, I found this stackoverflow question which shows you how to parse a PDF document for its content. But you can't search for strings. You might try looking for the text string "Hello world!" using the above library. But this will likely return null or false, as the text is not stored in a location that the PDF reader can find it. I hope that clears it up. You cannot search for strings in PDF documents. A Calgary school board teacher has been fired and is facing two charges of criminal negligence causing bodily harm after being accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old student in 2016. A judge ordered a publication ban Wednesday on the sexual allegations. The judge's order prohibits publication of the identity of the teacher in the case or any details about the criminal charge. RCMP Cpl. Rob Knapton said the charges stem from an allegation made to police in April 2018. “We have an allegation that was made to RCMP back in April 2018. We are not in a position to say if the allegation is true or false. We have not completed our investigation and been able to lay a charge at this time,” he said. The teacher was suspended in August 2017. Board says it's proud of the work of teacher The school board has released a statement in response to the teacher being charged. "While we cannot comment in specific detail about any employee due to their privacy rights under the Personal Information Protection Act, the Calgary School District will always stand behind the dedicated work of its employees," the statement said. "We are proud of the work that our teachers do



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Mug Printing Template Software Downloadl blasala
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