• Darren Sciberras


Is it good? Does it hurt the bike? And why don’t MotoGP or race bikes produce these size flames often?

For starters we need 3 things to produce big exhaust flames OR a lot of popping on deceleration, unburnt fuel, heat and oxygen. While in the days of yesteryear the ‘fuel tune’ lean or rich and an unrestricted / open exhausts were the main factors, today there is more at play.

It’s ironic but one of the biggest factors in producing big flames on modern bikes is actually part of the motorcycles ‘anti-pollution’ systems. Yep! The Air Induction System or AIS (also called SAI and PAIR systems) is a system that channels fresh air from the airbox into the exhaust system. The idea is the fresh or cleaner air will result in ‘cleaner’ emissions. Truth is it’s just a masking agent but whateves let’s not go there.

The thing is, the fun police designed these AIS systems to be used in conjunction with a catalytic convertor (or CAT) in your exhaust. The CAT is a dense honeycomb section in your exhaust that breaks up the unburnt mixture, traps some of it, restricts the flow stopping or at least massively reducing the chance of the unburnt fuel igniting in your exhaust.

Of course hoons being hoons (responsibility of course) either remove the CAT or replace the exhaust with either an aftermarket link pipe or full system. While the main reason we do this is for performance and to allow the poor motorcycle to breathe, we now we have a recipe for sick flames bro! You see the unburnt fuel, ‘fresh’ oxygen from the AIS and an unrestricted exhaust is going to light up and explode as soon as that exhaust builds up enough heat, simple. This is amplified on a dyno because of the extreme exhaust heat produced at constant full noise. This is how we can produce sick videos 😊