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Wheelie Wednesday

Lap time issues over bike setup issues

Now this is a Wheelie Wednesday! The great thing about these pics is the wheelie is not being done for show., simply for go, Nath wrestling the big ZX-10R for lap time. 

A really important part of what made Nathan Jones & Tyson Jones so fast was the fact their primary focus wasn’t so much ‘bike setup issues’ rather ‘lap time issues’. 

So, in cases like this, as long as the wheelie wasn’t hurting the lap time, you wouldn’t even here either of the brothers bring it up in a session de-brief. If it was hurting lap time, then don’t worry you’d hear about it haha. 

Looking at these pics makes you think back, huh ‘wheelie issues’ were never really discussed, but clearly they were there. 

There is probably a little bit of gold in that mindset for those all of us trying to go that bit faster. Sometimes we can get sucked into worrying about issues that aren’t really affecting the lap time. That’s not to say that if something is hurting your confidence or a wheelie is really holding you back you shouldn’t try to address it, just that you should maybe question how much of an issue it is. 

Heh, and after all, you don’t win 5 x VRRC Superbike championship between them by accident. 

Picture Credit- The talented Russel Colvin


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