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Welcome Speedy & Joe

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Biplov (Speedy) Maharjan & Joe Miles to our expanding Race Center team.

L to R - Daz, Joe. Biplov - Shout out to Clinker Brunswick for the hats + Best Coffee in Brunswick by miles! Daz and Speedy as yet haven't worked out how to wear hats correctly.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes to improve, our workshop facilities, expertise and workshop capacity.

Part of this plan has been to grow the size of our team while not just maintaining a high work standard, but improving upon it. As such our growth process needs to be a little slow in order to not jeopardize the quality of our output.

With both Josh (Bricko) Schembri & Julain (Jools) Redondo extremely well bedded into the Race Center fabric, it was time to blood some new talent.

Initially we were only looking for a single new hire, however we received two great applications. After a team meeting, we revised our plan and decided to take both Biplov and Joe on board.

The Speedstar!

Bilpov joins us as a mature age apprentice, he is extremely passionate about motorcycles and racing. Thus made the decision to change careers and follow his passion. And there has been quite a lot of change for Speedy, recently becoming a father for the first time!

Let's see how Joe goes with his first Melbourne winter haha!!

Joe also joins our apprentice ranks, making the big decision to re-locate from the Sunshine Coast in QLD to pursue a career in motorcycles and motorsport.

The new boys are working under the guidance of Josh and Jools day to day while Harley (Sauce) Side remains in-charge of managing the overall workshop and customer interaction, with Daz still in the position of technical lead, quality assurance and race team principle.

Saucey with Joe, plus a shameless plug for the best discs in the business. Bricko was unavailable for a photo due to a bad hair day
Jools is proving to be a great mentor! Speedy is in good hands. OTI

Help us welcome the new guys! 😊


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