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It’s with great pleasure that we introduce our new guy! Josh Schembri.

Josh is Race Center’s first ever apprentice motorcycle mechanic. Josh is in his 1st year as an apprentice, but you certainly would not have thought it.

Josh has a love for all things mechanical and 4 weeks into his new job he is thriving working under the careful guidance Saucey (Harley Side).

Josh got a shock one his first day!

You can certainly tell that Josh comes from an upbringing working with tools and mechanics. We have been a little surprised by how well trained he already is and how much of a help he is proving to be.

We are rapped to have him and are really looking forward to training him up to be a fully qualified mechanic in the industry that we love.

Join us in welcoming the latest edition to the Race Center family, Josh Schembri

Josh and Saucy


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