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Trackside Support Update

This coming weekend will see track days starting up again!! Wooo Hooooo!

However, there are some strict social distancing and COVID-19 rules in place. We encourage all the track day community read them, understand them and stick to them.

It’s awesome that things are starting to re-open slowly but if we see another spike you can be sure things will shut down again. So let’s be smart and do the right thing, the last thing we want is another shut down.

As such Race Center will be adhering to the guidelines set out by the track day operators and we will not be resuming trackside support activities just yet. We’ll be available on the phone for anyone that needs, and the workshop remain open.

We’ll keep you posted and have a freeakin ball doing your track day!!

Some of the crew pre COVID-19 :( We'll be back soon :)

4 x Vic SBK Champ Nath Jones on the back wheel; pic Russell Colvin 783 Media


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