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Thank you FLEX – Matthew Gregory has decided to move on

After almost 3 years with us, Matthew Gregory has decided to move on. While it is sad to lose one of our team members, we are extremely grateful for the massive contribution Flex made to our business. In his time here Flex produced some amazing work including some really complex builds. He also helped change processes, systems and was a part of projects to better our quality of work and efficiencies.

Along the way we also had a lot of great laughs! It would be fitting if we produced a Flex Soundtrack. Some of his impersonations of Daz coupled with the noises he used to make while working were just hilarious.

Losing a talent like Flex is always difficult but sometimes change is just inevitable.

Flex is going to try his hand in the construction industry for a while and we wish him the greatest success in his future endeavours.

From the entire Race Center Family, a massive thank you Flex!!!!!


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