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Testing Times

December 10th saw the Race Center Team take to the track for the first time in it's new structure for 2023.

We have changed the dynamic of our team for 2 main reasons. 1 to give each rider better individual focus. And 2 to allow space for future growth and some of our beautiful customers to join the team in future.

Timmo (TL Turbo) Large and Luke (the Colonel) Sanders have been booted out of the main team.... but in a good way.

TL is now embarking on a test program on Jake Drew's Yamaha R1, Largey's first experience on a Superbike. As yet we do not have a racing budget for him so its test duties only... but lets see.

It must be said, Jake and Tim are great mates and they have a unique bond. But for Jake to back Tim and us like this is massive.

TL had his first taste of the R1 last Saturday. There is a saying that involves the words 'duck' and 'water', we are pretty sure you can connect the dots.

It was a simple low speed shake down but we were very pleased with how it ran.

Tim Large fitting up on Jake's R1. Jake's backing of Tim and Race Center is massive

Luke has now taken over lead 600 Supersport duties for our team. His also tested on the 10th and had the task of putting the recently developed FD-04 suspension setup through its paces. There were definitely some positive signs.

While we always hope for more Luke was able to match the fastest lap he set in the last round of the VRRC where he won all 3 races from 3. Again more work to do but to match it on a ride day and with only used rubber gave us some indication that the FD-04 concept is on the money.

Luke will not be racing the VRRC next year, instead leaving space for Harley (Sauce) Side and Will Sharrock to lead our VRRC campaign. We are hoping to do a number of ASBK rounds with Luke but budget will be the decider on that one.

Next test will be for Saucey and Will, wish us luck!!


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Feb 10, 2023


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