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Struggle Street for TL Turbo and Race Center but not Panic Stations

Our torrid relationship with Wakefield Park Raceway has continued during Friday practice for round 3 of the Australian Supersport Championship.

By the end of Friday running Tim Large was sitting in a lowly 15th place and a long way off the pace, in fact even a long way of our pace from last year.

Still, despite us having as bad a day as Scott Morrison did in the debut, we did manage to run through our test program for the day which landed us on an improved setting in the final run that was unfortunately cut short due to a red flag.

The biggest positive was there were no panic stations in the team nor any frustration. We will just stick to our process and in time we will get on top of this track once and for all.

Also, it is great to be blooding our newest team member Chris Kennedy into the fold. Chris is our latest hire in the workshop, starting his apprenticeship with us. Chris is spending the weekend under the guidance of Josh’s (Bricks) who has been through the same program and is excelling. Both boys did a ripper job today which enabled us to get through a big test program. The results don’t do their work justice just yet but we hope to rectify that.

Wish us luck!


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