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Slow News Day sees Sauce & Daz in Print

While we may joke it’s awesome that the Riverine Herald ran a story on our Salasa man. Local papers are always looking for content so any aspiring or up and coming racer should get in touch with their local rag and see if they can get some media time. Doing little things like this gives real value to your sponsors and you may be a little surprised at just how many people read the local paper. Especially if your sponsor is local to your area, a great way for locals to look after locals.

Country papers are normally easy and great to deal with but so too are the local council papers in the big smoke. Any of the RC family wanting to do something similar should get in touch with Russell Colvin to see if he can assist. So get onto it!

Well done Auntie Sauce, thanks Russ and thanks Riverine Herald!


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