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Sauce in Training – What better way to Spend Lockdown 2.0

With stuff all to do on weekends, young Saucy thought why not give my Race Engine some love with a full freshen up….not to mention 3rd gear was proper buggered.

Saucy has been an invaluable asset to our business since he started.

Yet, he is fairly inexperienced in building engines, let alone race engines. He is awesome at a major service including valve clearances, but a race build is something he has yet to do.

So, what better way to give him some experience than with his own engine? After all, if he stuffs it up who really gives a shit anyway!

With not much to do after hours, Daz and Flex were going to guide Sauce, teaching him the art of building a race engine. However, they both thought about it and decided they had better shit to do, even in isolation.

Just kidding 😊

For the first steps, old boy Dazza spent the weekend guiding Saucy and running him through the following:

· Measuring cam timing

· Measuring piston to valve clearance in many different cam positions

· Explaining valve overlap, compression and the concepts behind a build, including the compromises that there always are

· Showing him how to properly measure piston to head clearance for each cylinder.

· Understanding bottom end blue printing

· Using all that data to design the specific engine build.

Production engines are built to meet certain standards and actual clearances will vary from engine to engine. Properly measuring various components and taking these into consideration when designing a build ensures a fast and reliable engine.

Once all that was done, young Saucy was hand balled over to Flex for the next steps:

· Cylinder head strip

· Inspection of all valve train components

· Bottom end tear down including inspection of all components

From here we build a parts list and send the head off for work permitted under ASBK / MA Rules.

Go Sauce!


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