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Safety Bulletin - Block off Plates

Criticality – Serious

Such failure could cause an accident on track due to unexpected power loss and a bike behind could be caught unaware Problem: short circuit in one of the ignition coil wires

The wire was part of the aftermarket blip assist system and could be the same on a quickshift system

We have concluded 2 root causes

o The smog block off plate that was installed had very sharp edges. This is becoming more an more common with cheaper aftermarket components. Over 50% of smog block off plates we see have this issue.

o The aftermarket blip system had the wires exposed for too long a section

· The above 2 issue lead to the wires insulation being slowly cut away resulting in the short

Recommended Rectification

Check for any sharp edges on block off plates or similar items where any wiring may come into contact. Chamfer edges and remove sharpness

Tape up or heat shrink an extra layer of protection around such exposed wires

Cable tie wiring under airbox as neatly away as possible


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