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Russell Colvin - Leading the way in COVID-19 Research

We thought twice about posting this article as we are sure everyone has had a gut full of COVID-19 news. This one was just too good to resist.

Our very own Motorsport photographer Russell Colvin of #783 media has turned his attention elsewhere while racetracks remain closed. Those who know him probably wouldn’t think of Russ as someone that would be leading ground-breaking research against COVID-19 but this fella never ceases to amaze us.

On his recent visit to Race Center HQ for a photo shoot Russ was met with our strict COVID-19 policy. The policy requires any visitor who wishes to enter the workshop to use hand sanitiser and wear a face mask before the enter. This along with normal social distancing is just a small way we can all do our bit.

HOWEVER! Unlucky for Russ when Daz explained the new procedure, Russ seems to have misunderstood what we thought to be relatively clear instructions. Without any hesitation, in fact with upmost enthusiasm and vigour the man who is normally behind the camera proceeded to instead wash his entire face with the ‘Hand’ sanisiter.

So vigorous was the application of the mostly alcohol based substance, Russ got quite a bit in his eyes.

Once he finally had stopped jumping around and cursing from the stinging in his eyes, Russ categorically confirmed that Hand Sanitiser will sting your eyes should you rub it into them.

Our subsequent research has also been able to conclude that hand sanitiser in your eyes does nothing to help the fight against COVID-19 and we strongly recommend you do not follow Russ’ lead.

Thanks for doing this research for us Russell.


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