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Return to Broadford – Can you really afford to have the wrong tyre pressures?

This weekend we see a return to action at Broadford’s State Motorcycling Complex. Frist will be the Champions Ride Day on Fri 6th, followed by MV’s Women’s Day on Saturday the 7th and Preston Motorcycle Club’s Bracket Racing Event rounding out the weekend on Sunday 8th.

As it has been a while off, we just wanted to remind people that the track surface should still be treated as relatively new. While it will be settling down more and more, it will still provide very high grip levels. This means the required tyre pressures to avoid tear will be a lot different to other circuits with older surfaces.

The Race Center team has done a lot of testing on Pirelli rubber at the circuit. We have found pressures that not only massively reduce the risk of tear but we have even manage to lap under lap record pace on these pressures 😉 We have done this testing across a vast array of riders so you can be very confident in them.

All the data is available in our Race School article, while this is a paid subscription the money saved on tyres alone will be well worth it. NOTE: This data is only related to Pirelli and Metzler tyres

You simply can't argue with the wear and lap times we have been achieving!

Rear tyre on Daniel DuNuzzo's Yamaha R1
Largey #74 wear and lap times aren't too bad considering he is on a 600 ;)


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