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Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The remainder of Round 4 of the Victorian Road Racing Championships has been cancelled due to a serious incident which occurred on Saturday afternoon. As such there will not be any race updates from us, nor will we be producing a race report as a mark of respect.

We won’t go into the details of the incident here, instead we will leave that to the event organisers to make their official statements. No one from the Race Center Team was involved but our thoughts and hearts go out too everyone involved, their family, friends and the entire racing community. Our thoughts are also with all the event organisers, officials, volunteers and responders to the incident. You all do such an amazing job, not just in this instance but always. The work and effort you all put in is phenomenal and you definitely do not get the credit you all deserve.

Our sport does give so much that makes a such positive difference to many lives but it can also be cruel and tragic sometimes. Safety is always improving in the sport and many peoppel do such amazing work in that area. Unfortunate times like these are a reminder of how important the push to continually improve safety is.

While we might be competitors on track, we are part of one big family off the track.

Thoughts and love with you all,

Race Center Team


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