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No News is Good News

We have purposely been very quiet on the social media side and updates side of things recently. After a whirlwind beginning of 2021 with more racing on than we could poke a stick at, we needed the past couple of months just to catch up in the workshop and get bikes to our customer base.

We have been seriously lucky to have been working on some really cool projects and bikes of late, so we can’t wait to tell you all about them when times allows. This period has also been a great opportunity really bed Josh into our way of doing things and he has taken to it like a duck to water, he great addition to the team and he is doing a wonderful job!

In terms of projects, the biggest one has been developments in our dyno tuning and ECU mapping systems, equipment and procedures. Some of the latest work we have done has really come out great. Will be publishing more details on all that soon.

Anyway, we hope you have all been well and we’ll have more news to report soon.

Motorbikes! FY!


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