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Nathan Jones, Family, Friend, a True Champion

The hearts of the motorcycle racing community and us here at Race Center are very heavy, full of sorrow but also full of love for Nathan Jones, his family and friends. The life of the much loved 4-time Victorian Superbike champion was tragically cut short after an accident while dirt bike riding on their private property on Sunday 22nd May 2022.

We extended our deepest condolences to his beautiful family. Wife Monique, daughter Hadley, son Remy, mother Lynn, father Glenn and his younger and inseparable brother Tyson. We also wish to extend our condolences to Nathan’s grandparents, extended family and all of his very many friends.

Knowing who close the Jones family is, it is just impossible to comprehend what a great loss this is and what they are all going through. Our thoughts and love are with you all ooxx.

Nathan with wife Monique, daughter Hadley and son Remy

Going racing with Nathan was never going racing with just Nathan, Nathan was a full package deal! He came combined with his younger brother Tyson and the entire family. All of which made the whole experience so much more special.

Hence where their team’s name ‘3J Racing’ derived from, the 3 Jones’, Nathan, Tyson and father Glenn. Those who watched Nathan race would know it was an extremely rare occurrence to see he and brother Tyson separated by more than a couple of bike lengths at a time, mostly way out in front with a couple of lead changes while they were at it.

This is about as far as you'd ever see Nathan #84 and Tyson #86 apart on track
Nathan and Tyson were inseparable, they would even run off track together; Photo

Nathan with wife Monique, daughter Hadley, mother Lynn, father Glenn and Daz Winton 2019
Nathan with father Glenn in 2013 at Broadford

Nathan won his first Victorian Superbike championship back in 2013, also claiming the ProStock championship which ran within the Superbike category that year.

2014 marked the start of our working relationship with 3J Racing and the Jones family, way back when Race Center was a very new business venture. It was such an honour and privilege for us to be given that opportunity to work with such talented riders. However, Nathan did not compete in that years Victorian Superbike championship.

2015 saw Nathan return to the championship and take his 2nd championship victory and our first together. That was the start of a streak that saw the 3J Racing and Race Center combination take 4 Victorian Superbike championships within the space of 5 years.

Tyson and Nathan, always battled hard on track, best of mates off it

2016 was an absolute belter!! It was a championship battle that went down to the very last lap of the 12-race championship. Nathan held a slender 1-point lead over younger brother Tyson heading into the final race showdown. This time it was Tyson that triumphed with a sterling ride which saw him take the championship with a narrow 0.2sec win over Nathan. As always Nathan was gracious in defeat. While the inner competitor in him always wanted to win, he couldn’t have been prouder of younger brother and deserved champion Tyson.

An interesting side note, despite how close and often the raced each other. Never once did they take each other out, nor even clip one another. They claimed they were "too scared of what mum would do if we did!"

Sharing a pit with the Jones' was such a wonderful experience. Tyson would even give tips on good posture

2016 was a great example of what it was like to be involved with 3J Racing and the boys from a heartfelt perspective. Despite a fierce and hard battle on track, the love and bond off track was stronger than ever. Being in that pit box and involved with 3J Racing that year was truly a wonderful life experience. Just great people!

As happy as Nathan was for his brother in 2016, Nathan was rampant in 2017. Taking 9 wins from 12 starts and the championship by 55 points from Tyson in 2nd place. Nathan was simply in hot form.

Nathan and Tyson at Phillip Island after the Harvey Wiltshire Feature Race which Tyson took with Nathan in 2nd - 2017

The 2018 championship went to ‘ Total Welding and Fabrication’ rider Ben Gotch with Nathan in 2nd place.

Before 2019 saw Nathan take his 4th and final Victorian Superbike Championship with a 22 point victory of Race Center’s Jake Drew. While brother Tyson only competed in half of the series after being ‘semi retired’.

Nathan wrestling his GEN-05 ZX-10R. You could never accuse Nath of not having a dip on track - Pic Russell Colvin 783 media

We all know that COVID struck in 2020 putting pay to much racing in 2020 or 2021 however even without COVID Nathan was already up in the air as to whether he would continue to race and if so, maybe just part time for a bit of fun when he had spare time.

With his young family on the rise and brother Tyson taken a hiatus from racing, the racetrack didn’t seem to have the same appeal to Nathan anymore.

But this didn’t mean the end of our relationship with Nathan and the Jones family, the opposite in fact. There was nothing better than a surprise visit from Nath for a beer, a feed and a laugh. Or our Xmas party shenanigans which often saw our dear, beloved Nathan take the Bruce Hill Memorial GoKart race way, way too seriously, he just couldn’t help his white line fever (just ask Saucey, haha!) Often needing the claiming voice of Tyson to remind him that is was just a fun race mate.

Don't let the smile fool you, Nathan was not happy with 3rd in the 2019 Bruce Hill Memorial Race. Here with Tim Sandy winner and Tyson 2nd

As much as Nathan was a champion on track, he was a much bigger champion off track.

Nothing made him light up like a conversation about Hadley or Remy, or when Monique and the kids showed up to the racetrack, his demeanor just changed. Nathan was a real family man first and foremost, he absolutely adored them, and they absolutely adored him. The bonds Nathan created in his life were true and strong, full of love. As we said, Nathan is a package deal. You can’t have him without the entire Jones clan.

Nathan, Monique and Hadley 2019 Phillip Island

Nathan, and Tyson for that matter, have inspired the next generation of Race Center Team riders that are competing with us now. They have all looked up to Nathan and Tyson, got to share pit box with them and have been able to lean on them whenever they have needed.

2019 - Nath with Danny D, Tyson, Daz, Shawy Jnr, Shawy Snr, Will Sharrok, Saucey and Joel
Just hanging with the gang - Broadford 2019

It has been a privilege to have the honour of working with Nathan for so many years, but it’s been a even bigger privilege to have had him as a friend and to still share that bond with the Jones family.

Nathan, thank you for everything you did for us and for all of the amazing memories we shared, it was simply awesome. Yours was a life taken far, far too early. The hole you leave is immeasurable

You will be sorely missed but never forgotten, love ya mate ooxx!

For those wishing to attend Nathan's funeral, details can be found here:

Nathan about to do battle - Phillip Island - Pic Russell Colvin 783 media

Tyson, Nathan, Daz and Dingo discussing setup - Phillip Island 2019
Tyson, Nathan, Dingo, Daz and Lynn 2019
L to R - Will Sharrok, Nathan, Tyson, Jake Drew and Brad Shaw

Nathan and Daz - MotoGP Support 2014


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