• Darren Sciberras


What’s a V-Strom doing at Race Center? Well why should sports bikes have all the fun right?

A little odd looking, much like the crew at Race Center, we’ve never really been the biggest fans of them to be honest, soz if that offends anyone. Sure they are great if you want to take a trip which has some dirt roads but it’s not like you really going to do any gnarly trails on one. So we’ve always felt they kinda try to do a heap of different things without being particularly good at any of them. Well that is until now!

We have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a few performance upgrades to this Suzuki V-Strom 1000, the result? One thing it now does really well now, putting a smile on your face. Yeah still an all rounder however with a few tweaks they become a shit tonne of fun to ride, making the daily commute, run down to the shops or weekend away a lot more fun. Just because you’re riding to the work or the shops doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun after all.

They make a great every day bike, very easy to ride, can carry a bunch of stuff including a hairdryer and make up kit for the likes of Saucy or could even fit a few odds and ends from your trip to Bunnings and they are comfortable.

Adding a few performance mods might not seem the likely thing to do to one of these things but it adds a whole new dimension to riding them as well giving a bit of personality to the bike.