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Lockdown #2 - Recreational Riding Allowed – However there are restrictions

With how fast lockdown #2 was put into place for Melbourne Metro and Mitchell Shire it can be hard to know what is actually allowed. Especially as all the noise has been around only 4 reasons to leave home.

The good news for those affected by the latest lockdown is this time it’s a bit different. Activities such as golf, fishing and recreational driving/riding are actually allowed, and you can leave your house to do these things.

The main points on this is that if you are covered in the restricted areas you must not leave the boundaries of the restricted zones. Namely Melbourne metro and Mitchell shire.

As with exercise you can only do these activities with 1 other person. So no group rides are allowed. When you stop you must also observe a minimum of 1.5meters distance.

The great news is if your live in Melbourne metro you are allowed to go for a ride as long as you observe the rules. And we reckon that is great for people’s mental health! FY!

While we are allowed to go for a ride we all still need to do our part. Keep your distance and stay safe. The more we adhere to these things the sooner things will get better.

For full details see the information on the DHHS website and keep an eye out for changes as they update this site from time to time and the info on the DHHS site is the official one. In particular read the paragraph titled “I live in Melbourne. Can I undertake recreational activities like fishing?”

For more info on our COVID policy click here

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