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Heading into this afternoon Qualifying 2 we were hopeful that we could find some real pace improvement using all the information gathered from the weekend thus far.

We made some tweaks to the setup and Tim immediately felt a gain in front end confidence. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side this time round and the bikes quickshifter first stop working all together and then developed an intermittent cut an surge that was occurring mid turn.

Largey did his best to deal with the situation but it really put a halt to our qualifying strategy which was to first try to get the most out of the new setup on a used tyre before bolting in a new tyre. We decided to end the session prematurely as it was becoming quite dangerous for Tim with the cut nearly throwing him off a few times.

It was a spew because despite the issues and no working quickshifter Tim was only 0.2 off his previous best and wasn’t pushing as hard as he normally would in the final qualy session.

Our normal tyre change strategy was no real help today :( - Image Russell Colvin #783 media

Rather than even attempt to repair the faulty quickshifter Jake and Daz will completely replace the unit tonight in readiness for tomorrow’s 2 x 16 lap races around the Wakefield Park Circuit.

It sucks a bit and is disappointing but at least the setup for tomorrow’s races is on the improve 😊

Thanks to:

Jake Drew, Harley Side, Josh Schembri, Mick Large

TL Constrictions, Yamaha Racing Developments

SBS Brakes, DNA High Performance Filters, Kenma Australia

Pirelli MotoAus, RK Chain, Cykel Products

The Grinning Dindo Aus



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