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How COVID-19 will affect Race Center

Whether we like it or not COVID-19, the panic shopping and impact to social interaction is real. There is going to be an unavoidable impact on the economy and of course our local motorcycling community. However if we are sensible and community minded we can help our motorcycling community get through this next period.

From a risk perspective we are lucky at Race Center as we are a small workshop that has minimal public interaction day to day. As such we will be able to remain open and functioning as normal 😊. And even more than usual we welcome phone enquiries, you can’t get COVID-19 over the phone 😉

As a lot of larger public gatherings are being cancelled it may give you the opportunity to get out an enjoy your motorcycle on the open roads some more. So do it! It might just be the mental health release you need in these crazy times.

The operators of Race meetings and Ride days will be taking appropriate measures to suit their events so follow their instructions and continue to enjoy your track riding and support them. Probably the only difference is if you feel ill, stay home to protect others.

If your love your motorcycling continue to enjoy it and where you can support your local workshop with your business. 😊

Ride safe and stay safe. If you’re on a track, ride safe but also have a bit of a dip!!

Broom broom!!!


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