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HJC Helmets & The Grinning Dingo get Behind Timmo, Luke & Race Center

Race Center’s Tim (TL Turbo) Large & Luke (the Colonel) Sanders will be sporting HJC Helmets in 2023 as they tackle their respective racing programs.

Race Center's Tim Large & Luke Sanders at Broadford International Raceway - Photo courteously of The Grinning Dingo & Russell Colvin 783 Media

Clearly a rider’s helmet choice is one of the biggest decisions they will make, such a massively important safety device.

Here at Race Center, we have long sort the guidance of The Grinning Dingo proprietor, Marcus Holt when it comes to helmet choice. With so many different brands on the market, choosing the right lid for our riders is vitally important. Marcus has a tremendous amount of experience, plus runs an amazing trackside support service for races and their helmets. Thus, seeking Marcus’ advice is always a no brainer, especially if that is what you’re aiming to protect!

Race Center riders have long worked with the Grinning Dingo and we are just super grateful that they have assisted in getting Tim and Luke HJC helmets for 2023.

If you are in the market for a new helmet, it is always key to get one that fits you well, the fit is very important. As is the helmet being high quality. Both Tim and Luke love their new HJC’s and we assure you they wouldn’t be wearing them if they were anything other than high quality. So why not consider HJC.

The Grinning Dingo also do a merch line, if you’d like to know more about them and see the riders they support, follow the link: The Grinning Dingo

Sander #88 ready to do battle in his HJC Helmet - Photo Russell Colvin 783 Media

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