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FORM GUIDE - Bruce Hill Memorial Trophy

It’s hard to believe there is only one more sleep until Australia’s biggest race gets underway. The 2020 Bruce Hill Memorial Trophy is set to be the most unpredictable and controversial yet.

As the world’s media was finally released from their 2-week quarantine following their decent on Melbourne, here is what we were able to find out.

Spotlight on Sharrock

All the talk during the lead up has been centred around Race Center’s William Sharrock. William is the only person in history to have their name etched on the trophy 2 years running and is now looking for an unheard of three peat.

In 2018 Sharrock destroyed the entire field in the Best on Ground (BOG) category by easily being the most pissed at the after party, some say it was a win like they have never witnessed before.

In 2019 Will took out the people’s champion award by being the first in the race’s history to blow up his go kart, and he did it in style. Can William add his name for a 3rd year on the trot?

Here is what CNN found out in an interview with William: “Look, a lot of people thought my 2018 BOG came easily to me. I get it, maybe it seemed that way due to the manner I won, but there is a hell of a lot of work that goes on behind the scene to make a performance like that possible. It is not easy to replicate time after time.”

He then added. :” Sure it won’t be easy but I can assure you I’ll be doing everything within my power to have my name added to the trophy for a 3rd year running”

Bookies have Sharrock paying just $1.85 to pull of the 3 peat.

The man everyone has been talking about - William Sharrock

The Legend is Primed

It might surprise many readers that Race Center legend and foundation member Dingo Meade has never started the great race! Yes FACT!

In 2018 Dingo (a.k.a. Nev) was denied his place on the grid after returning a controversial positive blood alcohol reading before the race. After a lengthy appeal Dingo was deemed to still have alcohol in his system from the night before and ruled out of the race.

In 2019, after a huge training program that spanned an incredible 7 minutes and 12 secs, Nev was ruled out with a neck injury after being t-boned by a Mack truck on his way to work just weeks out from the big race.

Dingo is determined to do everything he can to finally make the field in 2020.

The man, the myth, the legend, Dingo Meade

Past Champions

2018 Champion Luke Sanders & reigning champion Tim Sandy are both short priced favourites to add a second win to their belts.

Sanders is paying just $1.75 while Sandy currently sits at $2.10 but is expected to shorten as the race nears.

Both Luke and Tim declined to comment on their chances both this weekend, instead opting to stay away from the ensuing media and focus on their preparations.

Media snobs - Sandy & Sanders 2019 & 2018 champions

4 and 0 – Nathan Jones

4 x Victorina Superbike Champion, Nathan Jones is yet to take the spoils in the memorial trophy. Despite being at a slight weight disadvantage to the previous winners Nathan ran 3rd last year and is hoping to hit the top step in 2020.

Rumours have been circulating that Nath has been in contact with the facility to ensure he is delivered the fastest kart for the main race, even insisting the kart is fitted with fresh rubber upon his arrival!

Bookies have Nath sitting at $7.00 for the win and $3.50 for the place, a great each way bet.

Despite standing on the podium 2 years running, Nath is yet to take the win.

Luck about to End – Tyson Jones

Tyson Jones has had very strong runs in both 2018 with 4th and 2nd in 2019. However, the bookies are predicted a shocker for the younger of the Jones boys. With his lack of bike racing over the past 2 years and his size, bookies have Tyson way out of contention at $35 for the win!

Surprising given his previous form but Tom Waterhouse anticipates Tyson’s luck is about to end.

Maybe a great outside bet?

Bulldozer – Ferg Gibson

After missing the grid in 2019 due to no one really giving a shit about him, Fergus Gibson’s place on the grid has been confirmed for this years running. While no one expects Ferg to get even close to the win, he is expected to ruin the chances of others with his aggressive driving style and lack of sportsmanship.

In fact, Ferg is the bookies favourite for the people’s champion award paying just $1.50

Ferg's sportsmanship conduct will be on high alert with officials

No Sauce in the Bottle

Race Center’s Harley Side aka Hot Sauce is tipped to be among the back markers come Saturday. Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic the venue has been unable to fly in a special edition Kart that runs hangers rather than a traditional seat.

With no ass to fill the seat and thus nothing to support him, Saucy is expected to have a shocker this year.

Even serious engine mods probably won't be enough to help Sauce this year

Bonner – Unfair Advantage

After having the Race Center logo inked on his leg, Colin Bone is tipped to be given a one lap head start on the rest of the field.

However this has not been enough to sway the bookies who still have Bonner as a $1000 shot despite a 1 lap head start

Bookies showing no faith in Bonner


Last year, Race Center boss Super Daz easily won Best On Ground after passing out into a bush early on at the after party and Russell continuing to talk to him for the next 10 minutes all this despite Daz being asleep

Bookies are anticipating another competitive performance from Daz currently sitting at $2.25 for the award.

Whatever happens, 2020’s Bruce Hill Memorial Trophy and our Christmas after party BBQ is set to be the best yet.

In honour of Bruce

While the race itself and party is designed to be a bit of fun and a laugh, at its core it’s a day where great friends come together. Friendships that have formed for our common love of our great sport, motorcycling. Our Race Center family would not have formed without the hundreds and thousands of volunteers that dedicate so much to our sport.

Earlier this year we lost one of our great mates and a person that has done so much for our sport in Bruce Hill. Naming the perpetual trophy in honour of Bruce is a small way we get to remember him and his efforts that have allowed us to thrived. RIP Bruce ooxx

Bruce Hill


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